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Reserve Your Tour Today at our Premiere Rustic Wedding Venue in Montgomery, Texas!

We are not just another venue with a pretty space… We’re a creative and passionate team who has a relentless spirit to create the most enjoyable and unimaginable celebrations for our clients and their guests.

Our celebrations are beautiful, fun, creative, meaningful, one-of-a-kind, and flow with an incredible guest experience in mind at all times.

Located in between Conroe and Montgomery, you will find a small bit of rugged elegance hidden away in this charming, romantic venue. We invite you to book a tour, and if you love what you see, make your reservation today.

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at Deer Lake Lodge

10500 Deer Lake Lodge Road Montgomery, TX 77316




Venue Rental Terms & Conditions


Rental and Deposits:

The deposit will be due upon your returning the signed and initialed rental agreement. The deposit will secure your date and is non-refundable and non-transferable for any reason. Upon mutual agreement, the deposit and balance can be made in installment payments.

The Rental Fee will be determined by client-selected options in writing and can be divided into agreed upon installments for invoices will be issued to provided email address. The rental fee balance can be paid early with no penalty and full balance is due no later than ninety (90) days prior to day of the event.  

A credit card must be kept on file for damages or purchase an accidental rental damage policy.  Any due credit(s) (minus deductions for incurred charges) will be applied following the final walk through. The Grand Hall House Manager on Duty will determine if there is any excessive clean-up or damage done to the property as a result of your event and, if necessary, the credit card charge will be applied towards any needed repairs or unpaid fees/charges.   

  • Set up, Tear down and Clean up are additional fees. Although the Renter may choose to do these tasks themselves TGH strongly encourages Renters to pay the tear down and cleaning fees in advance to avoid excess cleaning charges.  The Grand Hall must be cleaned to The Grand Hall standards to avoid the excessive cleaning charges.
  • Set up” is defined as setting up tables, chairs, basic linens, TGH decor/flowers and gold chargers.
  • “Tear down” is defined as removing the above lsted items at the end of the event.   
  • “Clean up” occurs after the event and includes trash removal, sweeping, mopping, busing tables, cleaning restrooms, bridal suite and grooms suite.
  • During the event:  Busing tables and moving chairs or tables during the event is an additional fee of $250.
  • The Grand Hall provides labor or equipment for installation and removal of decorations for an additional fee of $250-$500 to be determined in writing.

Ceremony Rehearsal:

The client is welcome to use the venue for a ceremony rehearsal practice prior to the wedding. However, ceremony practice times must be approved by The Grand Hall staff.   Rehearsals might be canceled if another event is scheduled at that time.

Beverage Service:

While alcohol consumption is allowed at the facility, alcohol may not be served to minors or anyone appearing to be intoxicated. The Texas Alcohol Beverage and Control board requires that all alcohol be supplied by a professional bar service with the necessary licenses and liability insurance.

BYOB is allowed using the Grand Hall Bartenders and Security.  With BYOB – Renter will supply own drinks, coolers, ice, cups, napkins, garnish.  

Upon signing the Grand Hall agreement, the client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Grand Hall and the employees from any damages, costs or expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, which may arise because of consumption of alcoholic beverages by the client and any of the client’s guests.


The Grand is a new venue, but most of the furnishings are antiques or period reproductions. We require clients and guests to use the facilities in a respectful manner.

Hazardous Weather:

For the safety of all involved, should hazardous weather occur, such as tornado, severe thunderstorm or hurricane watches and warnings, the property owner/operator reserves the right to mandate taking shelter, stop alcoholic beverage dispensation, and require bands or musicians to switch to acoustic entertainment only, adjust volumes or terminate DJ’s or recorded music until hazardous weather is deemed no longer a threat. In the event hazardous weather requires the evacuation of the property for the safety of the guests, the event will be terminated, guests will be required to vacate the premises. In all above cases the Grand Hall venue manager in charge of the event will make regular announcements to keep guests informed of the situation as well as the steps needed to be taken to ensure their safety.

HURRICANES & TROPICAL STORMS – There are NO REFUNDS for hurricanes, tropical storms or weather conditions, even if a mandatory evacuation is ordered ( Renter may obtain through a third party event insurance. Renter ASSUMES THE RISK).

Parking & Transportation:

There is ample complimentary parking for all guests. Valet may be added at Clients expense.

The gravel lot located at Buckridge Cottage (across the street from TGH) is reserved for the Coordinator and caterer only. All other vendors and the wedding party must park in the designated Wedding Party / Vendor parking area(s).

No cars should be left on site overnight (any cars left must be moved to the main parking lot and only upon approval of TGH Management.) Any cars left at the Grand Hall may be subject to towing, at the owners expense.

Tents and Rentals:

Tents and additional rentals are not included in the rental fee.

All tents used must be frame tents – no pole tents are allowed on the grounds of The Grand Hall. Unless tent-sharing with another event, tents must be set up on the morning of your event (as early as 7:30am) and removed the following morning between the hours of 7:30am–8:30am.


It is required that all pre-approved event coordinators, caterers and bar services provide the appropriate license and insurance documentation prior to the final review.

Unless prior written approval is obtained, we ask that our clients use only preferred vendors for: event coordinator, catering and rentals (including tents.)

Event Coordinator:

To ensure proper use and care of The Grand Hall, we require that the client utilize an Event Coordinator to be responsible during the event. The Coordinator will maintain the client’s agenda for the rehearsal, ceremony and the reception. They will also serve in the capacity of decision-maker on behalf of the client in dealing with all vendors to include caterer, bar service, florist, entertainment, rentals, etc. and will collaborate with The Grand Hall House staff during the event.  The Coordinator is required to stay for the duration of the event. At the conclusion of the event, the Grand Hall Manager on Duty and the Coordinator will conduct a final walk through of the house and grounds to assess any possible damages or excessive clean-up that may have occurred during the event. The damage deposit will be handled as addressed in the deposit and security deposit section of this contract.

Any exceptions to this clause must be expressly reviewed, considered and approved by venue management.

In order to appropriately manage the wedding, the Coordinator may not be someone who is in the wedding party or attending the wedding as a guest. If your Coordinator does not have prior experience at The Grand Hall they must be approved in advance by The Grand Hall Venue Manager.  

(30) thirty days prior to the event, the Client and the Coordinator must correspond or meet with the Grand Hall’s House Venue Representative

  • To provide agenda, vendor list, timeline, floor plan diagram, power plan and Plan B (rain plan) for event.
  • Establish a schedule for vendor set-up, deliveries and pick-ups. This includes caterer, bar service, rentals, florist, baker, photographer, entertainment, etc.

Client / Event Coordinator Information

  • The Coordinator must work with all vendors (music, lighting, rentals, catering, etc.) to determine overall power needs ahead of time and make arrangements for a generator if necessary.
  • Smoking inside the facilities is strictly prohibited.
  • Keep in mind that all of the dressing suites are open during your event. It is up to individual clients to safely store personal belongings.
  • Please determine ahead of time who will be responsible (either the client or Coordinator) for cleaning up the bridal suites and grooms quarters at the conclusion of the event. (Personal Items)
  • All send off items must be environmentally friendly and pre-approved by the Grand Hall House Venue Manager.  No glitter, fake flowers.  
  • Candles must be enclosed in glass-shaded holders with heat protecting bases.
  • Nails and staples are not allowed when placing decorations – please use tape, zip ties or floral/fishing wire. Wedding party is Responsible for providing your own ladders, supplies and set up equipment.
  • All clean-up, break-down and rental pick-up must be completed within one (1) hour of the conclusion of the event (except for the tent.)
  • Any décor/personal/rental items left at the venue must be taken by the Event Coordinator at the end of the evening – no items may be left at the venue overnight.
  • The Coordinator is required to coordinate set up, full day-of vendor management, timeline and breakdown of the event. The Coordinator must stay until the conclusion of the event break down to survey the house and grounds for damages and proper clean-up / break-down before leaving the property. Please note, if the Coordinator fails to check-out with the Grand Hall House Manager on Duty, the client will not receive the returned security deposit.

Client / Caterer / Bar Service Information

  • All caterers and bar services must interview with The Grand Hall representative, provide references and supply insurance information in order to be pre-approved to provide services at the venue.
  • All caterers and bar service must be licensed and insured.

While The Grand Hall does provide an on-site dumpster located behind the guest house (across the street), caterers must provide their own trash cans and trash bags (55 gallon) to be used during the event, and all catering trash and slop bucket (food waste) must go with caterer and cannot be thrown in TGH dumpster. All vendors and service contractors are responsible for the cleanup and removal of their equipment, food, bar supplies and garbage within one (1) hours of the event conclusion. ALL remaining trash must be removed from the venue and grounds and discarded in the provided dumpster. (Non-catering or food trash is bar cans/cups/hand towels/paper towels/throw away decorations).

  • Dump buckets on the rear patio must be placed on tables and not on the ground to avoid attracting wild animals.
  • All rentals, plates and glassware are to be properly broken down and stored on the rear patio for same night pick-up. Any racks left outside containing plates and glasses with leftover food and drink will attract wild animals and cause damage to your rentals.
  • Please remove any food and drink from the refrigerator and clean-up any spills or leftover food (including inside the appliances.)
  • The custodial closet is conveniently located behind the bar. Please sweep and spot mop the floors and wipe down the counters, sink and all equipment.
  • The catering and bar service representative is required to survey the house and grounds for proper clean- up before leaving the property. Please note, if catering representative fails to check-out with The Grand Hall House Manager on Duty, the client will be billed the damage fee.

Client / Band or Disc Jockey Information

In order to be respectful of our neighbors surrounding The Grand Hall, we ask that the following guidelines be followed at all times:

  • All music must end no later than 10:30pm.
  • The volume levels and bass levels need to be measured at the sound check. The Venue Manager will assist with the sound check to make sure decibel levels are understood.
  • The decibel level is not to exceed 75 decibels at 50 feet from the sound source.
  • Bass levels must also stay at a reasonable volume. The Venue Manager will assess the volume of the bass at varying areas around the property and will judge whether or not it needs to be turned down.
  • At any time, if the decibel levels are higher than what is listed above, the band or DJ will be asked to turn down the volume.
  • It is up to the Event Coordinator and the band or DJ/Booking Agent to determine power needs ahead of time and make arrangements for a generator if necessary.


$1,000 Damage Deposit is due or Damage Waiver Insurance purchased with Deer Lake Lodge as the certificate holder. This is a separate credit card authorization from the balance and will be returned to the Renter  within 7 days after the end of the event. The Grand Hall House Manager on Duty will determine if there is any excessive clean-up or damage done to the property as a result of your event and, if necessary, the damage deposit will be applied towards any needed repairs or cleaning.

The individual, agent or entity signing the Grand Hall contract, along with the event guests and any contracted labor, will hold The Grand Hall, all employees and affiliates, individually and jointly and severally harmless for any loss, damage or injury to person or property resulting from the use, occupancy or possession of the premises. All disputes arising out of or in connection with the present contract shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules.